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Diar Lansky & ethemadassassin "Chain Reaction" Out Now!!!!

Diar Lansky & ethemadassassin join forces with a new EP Tilted "Chain Reaction"

Diar Lansky and ethemadassassin first met in the summer of 2016 at a rap show in Los Angeles. Ironically enough, both then aspiring soloists had a mutual friend in the form of Westside Connection / Hoo Bangin’ alum, Boo Kapone. From the very start, the musical bond forged between Diar & E was undeniable; simply magnetic. Turned out that individually both parties had a lot more in common than initially expected. It became apparent rather quickly that the twosome had a very similar work ethic - something extremely scarce within the current state of Hip Hop - and even were fans of many of their same peers. For the next few months, Diar & E would randomly run into one another - more often than not - at different industry events and / or after parties, and most always ended up talking about possibly collaborating on a (future) song. Around this same time, E was actively seeking a new recording home, and was aware of the many A-list artists that Diar had previously worked with(Cold 187um, Money B, Dana Dane, Sticky Fingaz, AllfrumThai, Kurupt, Big Mike, Ruste Juxx, Tragedy Khadafi, Jody Breeze, Chop Black,

so it was only logical that E bring his vast talents to Die4 Productions Studios, owned and operated by - who else - Diar Lansky. After recording every Sunday for a little over a year, and completing 4 different individual bodies of work, it was now time for Diar Lansky & ethemadassassin to finally start on what they had already been putting out into the universe...a full-length collaborative EP. Soon after, the first few songs of - what has now become the soon-to-be released - “Chain Reaction” organically started coming to fruition...and the rest, as has been said, is what would be called a “Rap!” (Wrap)

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