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Diar Lansky born in Riverside, CA October 24, 1980 was destined for this Hip Hop game. He grew up playing prohibition Blues & Boogie Woogie on a upright Grand Piano and knew he wanted to be a part of today's music scene in some shape or form. After hearing a few Hip Hop artists such as Rakim, Big Daddy Kane, N.W.A, he knew that this style of music was his calling. At about the age of 12 he began "Free-styling" with groups of people in the East Riverside neighborhood he grew up in. Right of the bat everyone knew there was talent there that needed to be heard and developed. As a teenager he was heavily involved with Riverside graffiti artists and took up the name "Rymer One" which he traveled with from house parties to street corners battling anyone and everyone he could to get a name and reputation for himself as a true MC. In December of 1995 his father of 15 years passed away suddenly. He turned to the streets and really projected anger into his rhymes at that point, (which actually formed his style that he has today) and struggled through the everyday ups and downs that every teenager goes through. At this point in the mid 90's Hip hop was at a definite peak. He listened to everything, East Coast, West Coast, Down South and absorbed all styles of Hip Hop like a sponge. Implicating that to his own music it really helped develop his style and mold his future on what kind of Hip Hop he wanted to do. Not to long after that he formed a group named "Untouchable Mobstaz Organization"(U.M.O) with his childhood friends and took the name "Diar Lansky". This was the first time he really got into a studio and started writing his lyrics down and recording actual songs. His childhood friend "Diz" aka "Frank Luchiano"(U.M.O) who had talent like no other and really inspired Diar to be a better MC, ended up having to serve a significant prison sentence. This left Diar on his own with U.M.O and almost ended the career as we know it for Diar Lansky. Back against the wall he formed his label that he still operates today Die4 Productions with a close friend he had ran with during his graffiti years, "Madd Phour". This was the real turning point in his career. He molded a sound together that is unique as it comes as started to get noticed in other states such as Colorado, Florida, Oregon and Illinois. Using this momentum he turned a one man army into a nationwide Die4 movement with artists throughout the US. Today Diar Lansky is a household name when it comes to Real Hip Hop and is on his way to bringing the roots of the music back to where it used to be. He’s already colabarated with Hip Hop Veterans such as Tragedy Khadafi, Money B(Digital Underground), Cold 187um(Above The Law), Big Mike(Gets Boyz, Convicts), Ruste Juxx(Boot Camp Clik), Dirty Birdy, Dana Dane, Jody Breeze, Chop Black(Whoridas), Badazz(DPG), AllFrumThai(Westside Connection/Hoo Bangin), Bekay, Starang Whondah(OGC), Supreme The Elloheem(Boot Camp Clik) Jody Breeze, and many more.  With lyrics and instrumentals that rival modern artists he is definitely a voice that will be heard and acknowledged as a true to the art MC and producer. Follow along with his true life stories and classic but original punch line metaphors as he encounters the last part of the game..... Taking it over.